Terms and conditions

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The present conditions regulate the usage of the website www.beaching.com, (from now on: website)
Through the use of the website the user accepts expressly all and every one of the present general conditions, as well as those specific conditions set for the specific use of some services. In case of no accepting the presented General Conditions of Usage, the user must avoid accessing and/or using the services and/or the content offered under the property of TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L.
TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L, reserves the right to modify or erase at any moment and without previous notification the content, services and information that are allocated in this website, as well as to limit or cancel the terms and general conditions applied to this website.

1. General conditions of usage of the website

This website can be accesed by any user freely as long as it is for its personal usage. But, in order to have specific services through the website, it will be necessary that the user fills a form with the required data and information, in case that the user do not fill all the required fills, noticed with an asterisk, TECNOLOGIAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. reserves the right to do not give the service. The user guarantees the authentication of the given data, and he will be the only responsible in case of false or inaccurate information.
Obligation of fine use of the website, services and content:

Denegation and removal of the Access to the website and/or services:
TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. reserves the right to refuse or remove the Access to the website and/or services at any moment and without previous notification to any user that breaks these general conditions.


a) TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. will not be responsible, directly or not, for:
The quality of the service, the Access velocity, the fine working neither the availability nor continuity of the working order of the website.
The information introduced by the users, collaborators and third people.
The damage that can result in the user’s devices by the usage of the portal.
The breaking of the law, the moral and good manners usually regarded or the public order as a consequence of the transmission, diffusion, storage, disposal, reception, obtaining or access the content.
The infraction of the intellectual and industrial property rights, of the authors rights, of the personal and familiar privacy and the images of the people (photographs), of the property rights and any other nature right belonging to a third party as a consequence of the transmission, diffusion, storage, disposal, reception, obtaining or access to the content.
The links and hyperlinks (such as links, banners or buttons among others) that gives the possibility through the website to the users to access other websites or services provided by third parties, does not belong and they are not under the control of TECNOLOGÍAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L.; therefore it will not be responsible of neither the information nor the effect that could cause from this information.
TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. does not has, directly or not, responsibilities directly on the flaws and errors of any kind in the content disseminated, spread, stored or disposed.


The whole website: text, images, trademarks, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, colour combinations, as well as the structure, selection, order and presentation of the content is under the protection of the intellectual and industrial property, being prohibited its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation unless for personal and private purpose.
Moreover, it’s prohibited the reproduction, dissemination, copy, cession or broadcasting, totally or partially, of the content information in these pages, whatever its purpose is and the media used.
Accepting this conditions, the user who introduces reviews or comments in the website, accepts the cession to TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L., the non-exclusive right, exempt from author rights, perpetual, irrevocable and totally transferable to third parties, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative products, distribute and exhibit such reviews and comments to everybody and in any media. Also, he will give to TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. the right to use his name which will go with the review or the comment, in case of being, in relationship to this review or comment.
A link could not be established to the website from any other website without the previous and express consent from TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L.


TECNOLOGÍA AVANZADAS PARA OCIO, S.L. reserves the right of use the called “cookies” or any similar file, at any moment while using the portal. The used “cookies” will be only associated with anonymous users and its devices, without giving references that could lead the deduction of personal data of the users, they can not read the data of the user’s hard disk, neither read the “cookie” files created by other users.
TECNOLOGIA AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. informs you that most “Browsers” in the net let the users erase their “cookies” from the hard disk of their computers, obstructing them or receive a message before saving a “cookie”, and the users can configure their navigator for being noticed when there is a reception of a “cookie” and they can prevent the installation in their hard disks. To obtain further help about this functions access the instructions or help books of your navigator or web browser, or access the help section.


Regarding the applicable law in terms of Personal Data Protection, TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L., addressed in Gran Capitán, 2-4 – NEXUS Building (Office 103) 08034 BARCELONA and NIF B65748303 informs you that the personal data given in the forms content in the present website will be added to files, previous register in the Agencia de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, under the ownership of TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L.. The answers to questions about personal data noticed by an asterisk (*) are obligatory and its lack of answer will result an impossibility to continue and access to the offered service. The automatic recollection and treatment of the personal data has the aim to give certain services of TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L., the adequate maintenance of the established relationship –management, administration, improvement and adaptation to the preferences and tastes of the user-, improvement of the web, as well as the send by traditional and/or electronic ways, of commercial information about the products and services. The physical people owners of the data could, at any moment, execute the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition according to the terms exposed in the legislation of data protection, having to send by certificate mail to the address, written and signed solicitude, including the name, surnames, copy of the DNI, solicited actuation, and address of the user so it can be send to TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. the confirmation of the required actuation according the user’s solicitude.
In any case, TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. guarantees the confidentiallity and security of the personal data, having taken the legally demanded security measures, which allows to assure the protection of your personal data and avoid the lose, bad use, alteration, treatment or non-authorized access to them.
This website can contain links or references to other websites which are not under control and in which, therefore, the presented data protection policy is not applied. We strongly recommend reading the related indications about them in each website you visit. You are the only responsible of your connections with such pages.


It is recommended that the minors do not access to the portal. TECNOLOGIAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. is not responsible of the veracity and exactitude of the filled data by the user. TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. reminds to the to be of age users who have minors under their charge that it will be exclusively his responsibility to understand which services and/or content are or are not appropriated for the minors. TECNOLOGÍAS AVANZADAS PARA EL OCIO, S.L. reminds you that it exists in the market different computer programs that can filter and block the access to certain content and services.


The present conditions are under the current Spanish legislation. In case of any controversy which comes from the use of the offered services or the content in the portal, the parts, accepting these conditions, will be submitted to the Trials and Courts of Barcelona (Spain).