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    Puerto Banús

    Puerto Banús, Marbella



    Spectacular yachts and sports cars are side to side and a sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere reigns everywhere. But this fact is not excluding, there are leisure and culture offers for all kind of budgets.

    Puerto Banús is one of the most famous places in Europe to enjoy the most exclusive social life. Restaurants, bars, discos, party and secured unrepeatable experiences. A place to build memories filled with suggestive golden possibilities.

    In this section we offer a selection of the best places: those that are fashionable, those in which your experience in Puerto Banús will be unforgettable.


    The Piucaro Restaurant is a perfect possibility. The best reviews by TripAdvisor in the area and, surprisingly, with very affordable prices. It is a place steeped in sophistication and good atmosphere. Quiet and dazzling for an unforgettable evening enjoying the best Mediterranean cuisine with international and innovative touches. The beautiful views are inspiring and set the scene for the beginning of a perfect evening.



    Gogos occupy their podiums dancing to the funk rhythm of the best DJs. Drinks are reasonably priced considering it is a unique and exclusive place. It is place of pilgrimage for young audiences and fashion lovers. It is a must where to see and be seen.

    Need more music ?, more party?


    Pangea gives you this possibility. With its great set of lights, turn night into something magical and amazing. It has an outdoor rooftop which exudes luxury and offers  the panoramic views of the Mediterranean, the Straits of Gibraltar and North Africa most spectacular you can find. Enjoy the best House music in a modern and sophisticated atmosphere.


    The place you go when all the other clubs have closed. Glam is open until dawn for those nocturnal animals that are chasing sunrises. If you arrive before three o'clock in the morning you'll enter for free, and it's always advisable to arrive relatively early to make no cue. With a Baroque touch inspired by the overflowing luxury decoration, it is easy to meet celebrities and personalities with a drink in theirs hands or dancing to the rhythm of the best Funky.

    News Cafe

    It is located near Tibu Banus is a local of the same style, so if you like one, the other will love. It´s usual to find  celebrities and most likely you will recognize faces you've seen before on the tv or in a DJ ´s booth. News Cafe catch you with one of the best musical offer  in the area, the best of funky, house and r & b. Puerto Banús night will be yours while you enjoy your drink at one of its spectacular terraces or on the dance floor.

    Moma Fifty Six

    It offers the promise of a unique night. This is one of the most emblematic places of Puerto Banús. The atmosphere, full of good vibrations, is backed by a cheerful and sophisticated decor of futuristic touches.
    Funky, house and disco-Latin music accompany you during the night and is meeting place for football players, actors, singers and many more famous.


    One of the most emblematic places of Puerto Banús because of its musical offer. A place with glamorous and young spirit where you can dance until 7:00 am.


    Offers something different from the rest of the clubs of Puerto Banús, the best live music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Is a true reference in the Costa del Sol for the quality of its band, The Shout Band, and its relaxed and incomparable atmosphere.

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