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    Soho Málaga

    Entre La Alameda y Muelle Heredia



    Soho Malaga - Arts Quarter is an initiative which have born from citizens themselves to rehabilitate the area between southern Alameda and Muelle de Heredia. This former bourgeois residential area, located in a privileged enclave of the city, with the passage of time has been presenting troubling signs of urban and commercial degradation, so people decided to create, under the internationally known brand of Soho, a whole Cultural District which energizes the environment and offer both, local people and visitors, a modern and differentiated kind of leisure, culture, commerce and business.


    At La Deriva Restaurant the menu is varied and complete, has several specialties, all great. Their salads, meats and fish of high quality won´t leave anyone indifferent. A great option is to share a selection of delicious tapas. Let your senses drift in the color schemes of their spectacular presentations and mixtures of nuances and  intense flavors.


    This part of town is designed for sensitive and bohemian souls. Do not expect wild party here, but rather a cosmopolitan and elegant area where you can go to exhibitions, theaters or have a drink in a quiet environment full of culture.

    Here it is not about chasing a sunrise bathed in alcohol. Here you go out until the early hours of the morning to have a drink while sharing laughter and conversation with friends. Art, creativity and taste float in the air and make this area something magical and real... This part of the city is good for your soul and heart.

    One of the most interesting things about this area is the MAUS project, through which you can have a simple walk while enjoying high quality urban art. The streets become the canvas of numerous artists from all over the world. The project was created with the goal of delivering Malaga a contemporary cultural legacy of high artistic value, providing a new urban vision, discovering new spaces and breaking the routine of the city, involving local residents in the development of their activities. Music, dance, theater, photography, painting and sculpture are the disciplines that make up this artistic event whose aim is to make of Malaga an international reference in the world of art.

    Throughout the area you can find bars and cafes where you can go for a drink and tapas, here we leave three different options.

    Café de los Artistas

    A cultural recreational space, over time, has become a benchmark in Malaga´s art world in all its manifestations. Their goal is to reintroduce the old café- theater thus a meeting of all Malaga artists or those who come to the city. Night readings of poems and offers this style await you in this magical and enchanting place.

    Sala Chelamar

    Here, while you drink something, you can enjoy theater, concerts, dance sessions open micro and all kinds of cultural activities.

    Teatro La Alameda

    A fantastic space for art and bohemia. The space where the Alameda stood had always been a reference in the leisure and culture world of Malaga society. Alameda Theatre and Nearchus Productions are two projects that are presented as a future investment in the field of production, promotion and dissemination of culture, leisure and entertainment.

    Besides Teatro Alameda has tried to be a company with a commitment to Malaga society and culture. Support from small companies and independent projects has been the key to a space whose motto is ' THEATRE FOR EVERYBODY'.

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