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    Museo Cortijo Miraflores

    C/ José Luis Morales y Marín, s/n (Junto a los juzgados) - 29600 Marbella



    Walking up Broad Street, and in the Miraflores neighborhood, we found a great house that was formerly cane sugar mill and oil mill (or processing factory) animal traction, which came a large number of collectors in the area. Its origin dates back to 1704, when D. Francisco Dominguez Thomas builds it, as evidenced by the two crests on the balcony that crowns the entrance. In 1756 they designed the front garden, although in 1850 when introduced exotic species, brought by Don Tomás Domínguez Artola, Quartermaster General of the Philippines. It is noteworthy specimens of Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm of which are native to the Mesozoic Era, over 150 million years ago). The mill operated until well into the nineteenth century. Today's museum and remains in very good condition many useful machines and grinders its former function. It also has several rooms for temporary exhibitions, a library of the image and a municipal art gallery. Behind the building were recently discovered remains of ovens and a cave hermitage dating from the VIII and X.
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