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    Ambrosía Fast Good

    Calle Echegaray 3, 29015 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    0 reviews


    Starting from 15€

    Opening hours

    Tuesday to Sunday morning
    12:00pm to 04:00pm
    08:00pm to 11:30pm


    We present the Ambrosia Restaurant, a new concept of fast good. This Restaurant blends two concepts: the style of food from a fast food restaurant and quality dining. The union of these two aspects results in a proposal made by Ferran Adria: eat fast, healthy, with quality at an affordable price.

    They have taken this idea to Malaga, resulting in a Malaga cuisine restaurant totally healthy, fill with quality. It highlights the quality of the raw material and artisanal production.

    Within this idea, you will try, for example, Malaga´s local products such as salads, croquettes, scrambled, fried fish and grilled meats. They focus on meats in order to make amazing burgers, in which they use entrecotte to get very juicy and tasty grilled burgers. Served with homemade bread and perfect American style combinations.

    They have added to the menu a Malaga´s native product that is not found anywhere in the world except in Málaga: the gourmet camper. A sandwich made with grilled artisan bread with a crunchy texture.

    Ambrosía is one of the few places with vegan options of all Malaga.

    The friendly and attentive staff will make you feel at home.



    Some suggestions


    Salmon salad and goat cheese ... .. 9.00

    Boletus croquettes ... .. 8.00

    Scrambled eggs with ham eels ... .. 9.00

    Main Courses

    Wok beef ... .. 8.00

    Skewer shrimp with garlic ... .. 8.00

    Iberian burger ... .. 9.00


    Coulant chocolate ... .. 3'50

    Waffle ... .. 3´50

    Crepe ... .. 3'50

    Features Rating
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      • 0-25 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • Romantic
      • With friends
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Snack Bar
    • Tipo de Comida

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      • Steak House
      • Snack

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