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    Café Viena & Restaurante Chagall

    Oasis Business Center, local 11, Avda. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Milla de Oro, 29601 Marbella (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    1 reviews


    Average price: 40 €

    Opening hours

    Open hours: from 10am until late
    Sunday CLOSED


    Delve into the culinary tradition of Central and Eastern Europe. To do this, you don’t need to leave Costa del Sol: Café Viena and Restaurant ChAgAll open their doors in Marbella to offer you something different.

    The speciality of the restaurant ChAgAll is Russian traditional cuisine with a modern and avant-garde approach. It has a curious repertoire of hot and cold starters, as well as a catalogue of soups where the Borsch highlights (it is a traditional Russian soup with beef, beetroot and sour cream). Another good option to satiate your appetite is to choose some of the succulent homemade pasta prepared in the restaurant. Taste its juicy pelmeni, which is salmon with spinach sauce.

    For sure, to satisfy those hungry ruminant stomachs, generous main courses of ChAgAll are the best choice. Its filet steak with grilled vegetables or its beef Stroganoff with homemade noodles will make your mouth be watering. You can also choose its succulent escalope in a pure Viennese style; this is an example of openness of the menu towards the cuisines of Central Europe.

    Once you had tasted the delicacies of ChAgAll, its team invites you to a delicious dessert in Café Viena, located on the same facilities. You should not miss the opportunity to taste any different pastry typical from Austria and Hungary or any of its processed coffees. In addition, they have a pastry catering service, if you prefer to savour these European sweets in another corner of the world.

    Do not hesitate and dare to open your culinary spectrum to the best dishes from the other end of the continent!


    MENU (in euros)

    Cold starters

    Russian salt cucumber with sour cream and honey...6,50
    Tartar duet with fresh salmon, tuna and avocado...18,00
    Filled Bio-Egg with smoked chicken served on toast...8,50
    Seljodka pod Schuboj Herring-tartlet in a fur coat...9,50
    Plato Chagall / Marinated fish sturgeon and salmon...15,00

    Warm starters

    Filled bell pepper with delicate beef and grated cheese...13,50
    Pickled Herring with roasted potatoes and onion rings...10,00
    Hortobágyi Palasinta / Pancakes filled with chicken meat and fresh salad...18,00


    Oliviér / Potato salad with chicken breast, salted cucumber, peas, carrots and mayonnaise...9,50
    Vinaigrette / Traditional beet red salad and fermented cabbage...7,00
    Marinated salmon with summer salad in Parmesan basked...18,00
    Tartlet of chicken with wild mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, egg and Parmesan...11,00
    Salad César with chicken stripes and Parmesan...13,50
    Salad Greek with feta cheese and black olives...12,50


    Soljanka / Soup with a variety of different types of meat and salted cucumber, served with black olives, sour cream and a lemon slice...13,50
    Borschtsch / Beef-soup with beetroot and sour cream...12,50
    Okroschka / Cold vegetable-soup old Russian-style...9,50
    Gulasch / Homemade Hungarian soup of pork...11,00
    Chicken soup with vegetables and homemade pasta...11,00

    Homemade pasta (Pelmeni and Wareniki)

    Pelmeni / Pasties filled with meat in beef or chicken bouillon and sour cream...12,00
    Pelmeni / Pasties filled with meat and sour cream...11,00
    Pelmeni / Salmon with spinach sauce...15,00
    Wareniki filled with mushrooms and potatoes...11,00
    Wareniki filled with liver, cracklings and sour cream...12,00
    Wareniki with pickled cabbage, roasted onions and sour cream...10,00

    Main dishes

    Filet steak with grilled vegetables and baked potatoes...28,00
    Beef Stroganoff with homemade noodles...25,00
    Kievski Kotlet with fried potatoes and fresh spring salad...19,50
    Salmon filet in pistachios crust on pea-mash and potatoes au gratin...21,00
    Székelykáposzta fasskraut goulash Szegedin style...17,00
    Wiener Schnitzel with French fries or potato salad...21,00
    Goulash beef with gnocchi and sour pickles...18,00
    Roasted beef steak with fried onions, potato and cabbage salad with lemon juice...23,50

    Desserts and coffee
    Features Rating
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      • 40-60 €
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      • International

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