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    El Mesón de Cervantes

    Calle Álamos 11, 29012 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    5853 reviews


    Average price: 15/20€

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday:
    7:00pm to 12:00am.

    Tuesdays closed.


    Mesón de Cervantes is a must for those fans of good food. Traditional dishes and creative author recipes, together with the extensive and careful selection of wine and beer make a true gastronomic experience.

    Gabriel Spatz, Argentine, great professional, arrived in Malaga in 2008, liked the city and decided to settle, opening, in the central Cárcer Street, Mesón de Cervantes.

    A cozy and beautiful, full of good taste and stylish place. Nice lighting, cheerful and delicate environment, delicious flavors and aromas... The friendliness and skill of workers in this inn are a great bonus that puts finishing touch to the experience of eating at Mesón Cervantes.

    From the kitchen - run by Jesus, a very creative chef - come dishes to delight the palate of those eager to try the happy marriage between different cuisines and great wines: for example, sweetbreads dish, typical of Spain, served with chimichurri, a famous sauce from Argentina .

    The menu is varied, the dishes are prepared with fresh products from the local market and in line with the season.

    Throughout the years the small inn in Cárcer Street is filled every day with satisfied customers, thanks to the kindness of the pattern and the excellence of the dishes they offer.


    MENU (in euros)


    Pan seared small squid with spinach...6,50
    Iberian ham with grilled artichokes and asparagus with tomato mousse...8,00
    Battered prawns, with treacle...5,50
    Roast peppers filled with cod and fresh tomato sauce...4,50
    Blood sausage, with sweet potatoes and fried quail egg...7,00
    Homemade chicken croquettes...5,00
    Roll of smoked salmon stuffed with Russian salad...4,50
    Lamb sweetbreads with mashed potatoes and chimichurri...7,00
    Boletus, asparagus and grilled artichokes...6,50


    Lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, asparagus...5,50 / 11,00
    Rocket salad, goat cheese and berries...5,50 / 11,00
    Spinach, lettuce, asparagus, Manchego cheese and walnuts...5,50 / 11,00
    Caesar salad with grilled chicken...6,00 / 12,00
    Warm salad of tuna, roasted peppers and green leaves...6,00 / 12,00

    Main courses

    Cod confit with creamed leeks and a peppers preserve...7,00 / 13,00
    Grilled red tuna fish with cauliflower puree...7,00 / 13,00
    Sea bream wrapped in aubergine, carrot puree and a juniper sauce...7,00 / 13,00
    Salmon with herb butter, black rice and a chick pea puree...7,00 / 13,00
    Secreto ibérico: Iberian pork with pumpkin and pineapple relish...7,00 / 13,00
    Argentinean entrecote with fried potatoes, salad and chimichurri...9,00 / 16,00
    Wild Boar stew with sweet Malaga wine, with a crispy rosti...8,00 / 14,50
    Risotto of pumpkin and mushrooms...7,00 / 13,00


    Pancakes with caramel and nuts...4,00
    Fig flan of sweet Malaga wine...4,50
    Chocolate mousse with red berries...4,00
    Warm apple tart with vanilla ice cream...4,50
    Chocolate brownie with red berries and ice cream...4,50
    Chocolate and vanilla ice cream...3,70
    Consult desserts of the day


    MENU OF TAPAS (in euros)

    With fish & seafood

    Roll of smoked salmon stuffed with Russian salad...2,50 / 4,50 / 8,00
    Roast peppers filled with cod and fresh tomato sauce...3,00 / 4,50 / 7,50
    Cod confit with breamed leeks and a peppers preserve...3,50 / 7,00 / 13,00
    Battered prawns, with treacle...2,80 / 5,50 / 9,50
    Pan seared small squid with spinach...3,50 / 6,50 / 12,00
    Grilled red tuna fish with cauliflower puree...3,50 / 7,00 / 13,00
    Sea bream wrapped in aubergine, carrot puree and a juniper sauce...3,70 / 7,00 / 13,00
    Salmon with herb butter, black rice and a chick pea puree...3,50 / 7,00 / 13,00

    With meat

    Iberian ham...4,00 / 8,00 / 14,00
    Iberian ham with grilled artichokes and asparagus with tomato mousse...4,00 / 8,00 / 14,00
    Blood sausage with sweet potatoes and fried quail egg and chimichurri...3,50 / 7,00 / 13,00
    Flamenquines: Iberian ham and Manchego cheese fried with chips and tomato chutney...3,00 / 6,00 / 9,00
    Secreto Ibérico: Iberian pork with pumpkin and pineapple relish...3,50 / 7,00 / 13,00
    Lamb stew and mint served with cous cous...3,00 / 6,00 / 12,00
    Chicken kebab marinated in lemon served with basmati rice...3,00 / 6,00 / 9,00
    Homemade chicken croquettes...3,00 / 5,00 / 9,00
    Beef meatballs in tomato sauce with rice...3,00 / 5,00 / 8,00
    Lamb sweetbreads with mashed potatoes and chimichurri...3,50 / 7,00 / 13,00

    Without meat or fish

    Boletus, asparagus and grilled artichokes...3,00 / 6,50 / 11,00
    Cheese plate Manchego viejo...3,00 / 6,00 / 11,00
    Provoleta pesto with sun dried tomatoes and rocket...3,00 / 6,00 / 11,00
    Quiche with mushrooms, leek and goat cheese...3,00 / 6,00 / 11,00
    Porra Antequerana: tomato dip garnished with quail eggs and tomatoes...2,50 / 4,50 / 8,00
    Pimientos de Padrón: fried green peppers...2,50 / 4,50 / 8,00
    Patatas bravas: chips in spicy sauce...2,00 / 4,00 / 8,00


    MENU OF WINES (in euros)

    Black wines

    D.O. Rioja

    Sonsierra joven...12,00
    Urbión cuvée...14,00
    Suazo Gastón crianza...17,00
    Biga crianza...18,00
    200 Monges reserva...45,00
    Ramón Bilbao Mirto...55,00

    D.O. Ribera del Duero

    Recorba joven...12,00
    Damana 5 roble...17,00
    Pradorey cuvée...17,00
    Nuestro crianza...20,00
    Hacienda Monasterio...42,00
    Alonso del Yerro María...70,00

    D.O. Sierras de Málaga

    Vega del Geva roble...16,00
    Vega del Geva crianza...19,00
    Páramo de Casser reserva...28,00

    D.O. Cigales

    13 Cántaros...13,00
    César Príncipe crianza...27,00

    D.O. Jumilla

    Juan Gil Monastrell 4 meses...13,00
    Juan Gil 12 meses...20,00

    D.O. Navarra

    Paso las Monjas...21,00

    D.O. Campo de Borja


    D.O. Toro

    Finca Sobreño crianza...15,00

    D.O. Somontano

    Laus crianza...15,00
    Olvena crianza...14,00

    White wines

    D.O. Rueda

    Viña Cansina verdejo...13,00
    José Pariente verdejo...18,00
    José Pariente sauvignon blanc...18,00

    D.O. Albariño

    Albariño do Ferreiro...23,00

    D.O. Sierras de Málaga

    Vega del Geva moscatel seco...14,00

    D.O. Valdeorras

    Bolo godello...14,00

    D.O. Penedés

    Electio 09...35,00

    D.O. Rioja


    D.O. Condado de Huelva


    D.O. Terrazo (Valencia)


    Rosé wines

    Hacienda Uvanis (D.O. Navarra)...14,00
    Coto de Hayas (D.O. Campo de Borja)...12,00
    Clarete de Lina (D.O. Cigales)...15,00


    Parés Balta Brut Nature...22,00
    Recaredo Gran Reserva...30,00
    Cristalino Brut...15,00
    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 0-25 €
      • 25-40 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • With friends
    • Tipo de Establecimiento


      • For dinner
      • Charming
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Mediterranean
      • Rices
      • Steak House
      • Tapas
      • International
      • Fish

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