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    Garvm Marbella

    Avda. de la Fontanilla s/n, 29600 Marbella (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    1092 reviews


    Starting from 20€

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday:
    11:00am to 11:00pm.


    Garvm is a traditional Roman recipe for a sauce or fish paste made from the remains of tuna and mixed with wine, vinegar and oil, served as a dressing for other meals. Its origins in Spain are located in the historic town of Cadiz Bologna.

    In this beautiful restaurant they have been inspired, by the capacity of Garvm sauce to transform the taste of food, to offer an innovative dining experience that sets them apart from others.

    They give an original and cosmopolitan touch to each of their dishes which never ceases to amaze.

    The winery reflects the innovative spirit of its cuisine. They offer a wide selection of wines which perfectly matches with the menu.

    Located on the promenade of Marbella, offering innovative cuisine that you can enjoy from the large terrace overlooking the sea or in the cozy, modern interior.

    Synonymous with class and elegance, the decor of this restaurant is delicious. It makes every customer feel as they are in a unique place where beauty is respected and enhanced.

    Garvm team will provide a warm welcome and a memorable dining experience.

    The restaurant is located in a vibrant and picturesque setting where they offer  the all day concept: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and evening cocktails accompanied with  chill out sound.


    THE MENU (in euros)

    Day (at night the menu changes and offers a more sophisticated side)


    Herring with mustard and chives...2.75

    Dim sums stuffed with chorizo ​​and manchego cheese...3.75

    Red lentil falafel with blueberry jam & red onion...3.75

    Mini spring rolls with spicy meat...3.50

    Nachos topped with cheddar cheese served with jalapenos and guacamole...4.50

    Halloumi cheese gratin...3.75


    Samosas (2x) Moroccan style chicken with arugula and tomato relish...4.75

    Warm salad of lentils, vegetables & coriander...2.75

    Tartar of marinated salmon with wakame seaweed & sesame...3.75


    Caesar salad with anchovies, parmesan cheese and lettuce
    Chcken / Salmon...9,50 / 13.50

    Thai style salad with fresh spinach, noodles, shrimp and mango; sesame vinaigrette...9,50 / 13.50

    Garum salad with prosciutto, dried figs, gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette...8.25 / 12.50

    Three different tomato salad; cherry, kumato and tomato with daniela
    goat cheese, candied red onions and balsamic vinaigrette...9.50

    Mixed salad with sauce Garum...7.50


    Soup of the day...5.75

    Soft creamy curry soup with toasted coconut & banana...8.25

    Andalusian gazpacho with garlic croutons...5.50

    Pea cappuccino with cream & sesame nutmeg...6.50

    Anytime ...

    Tempura prawns with sweet chili dip...12.75 / 18.50

    Smoked salmon wrap with spinach, creme fraiche, dill and lettuce
    horseradish, served with marinated cucumbers and beets...10.50

    Mexican wrap with chicken, tomato, cucumber, salad, sour cream,
    vegetarian guacamole and jalapenos...11.50

    Garum club sandwich with ham, melted brie,
    chicken breast, fresh cheese and tomato...8.50

    Lemongrass shrimp kebabs with dip rouille and garlic bread...11.50

    Combined with pastrami salmon dish; ham;
    marinated herring with mustard; wakame salad and marinated salmon;
    Herring with tubers; brie with cranberries and marinated cucumbers...14.50

    Always Garum ...

    Traditional fish & chips battered cod with fries, tartar sauce and salad of white cabbage cole slaw...13.75

    Beef tartar with fried potatoes and salad of different lettuces...15.50

    Grilled salmon with fries, Caesar salad and tomato and onion relish...13.75

    Garum beef burger with bacon and cheddar cheese served with fries and salad of cabbage and carrot cole slaw...13.50

    Pasta with fresh pasta or spagueti
    jumbo prawns pressed garlic oil, a touch of chili, parsley and Parmesan cheese...14.50

    Ragout of cherry tomatoes, arugula and fried zucchini...10.50


    Chicken breast green asparagus, cherry tomatoes,
    prosciutto and walnut oil...12.75

    Even more ...

    Grilled sea bass with mint & chili Butter, Parmesan potatoes and garden vegetables...13.75

    Irish entrecote sirloin or rib eye served with Café de Paris butter and chips...23.75 / 19.50

    Pieces of sirloin marinated in chimichurri served with sweet potato & leek gratin...16.50

    Breaded escalope of chicken nachos served with crème fraîche garum and tomato salad, red onion and arugula...12.50

    For the children...6.50

    Mmickey mouse burger and fries
    Chicken breast with fries
    Grilled salmon with chips
    Spagueti with tomato sauce
    Spagueti with bolognese


    Garum style cheese cakes
    New York // black chocolate...4.50

    White chocolate and raspberry caramel...4.50

    Coconut, lime and mango strawberries and black pepper // // m & m...4.50


    Amaretto and hot apple...4.50

    Bailey's and peppermint...4.50

    White chocolate, brandy sauce and prunes...4.50


    Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream...4.75

    Pumpkin mousse served with crunchy nuts and plum dim sum /// vanilla creme brulee with coconut cookie /// chocolate lasagna with gorgonzola cheese accompanied by pears in wine /// warm cherry soup and cinnamon///  mango and basil sorbet...6.50


    Ice Cream...2.20 / 3.80 / 5.20
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      • 40-60 €
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      • Family
      • Romantic
      • Child friendly
      • With friends
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • With sunset
      • Drinks & Cocktails
      • Charming
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      • Mediterranean
      • Rices
      • Steak House
      • Creative
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      • Shellfish
      • Fish

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