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    Kyoto Restaurante Japonés

    C/ Jacinto Verdaguer 11, 29002 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    203 reviews


    Average price: 10/15€

    Opening hours

    From Tuesday to Sunday:
    11:30am to 4:30pm.
    7:30pm to 12:00am.

    11:30am to 4:30pm.


    The real Japanese spirit invades us when entering its door. Japanese minimalist decor makes our mind relax and goes  away, far away, to sober Japanese spaces.

    Each table is ready to receive you in a true oriental style; chopsticks, Japanese-inspired placemats ...
    The real secret of this restaurant is in a second room where you will find the fascinating Teppan Yaki, a huge plate surrounded by a wooden bar with stools, as in the most authentic districts of the mysterious Kyoto. The chef, dressed in the typical attire of a Japanese chef, prepares delicious food before your very eyes, in a kind of culinary show.

    Aesthetic, the martial grace of his movements, how he cuts the fish ... they are a lovely accompaniment to any dish, which is beautifully presented in a perfect balance between visual and culinary arts.

    Kyoto offers daily menus at great prices. For example, for starters, Miso soup and salad with mini Roll. Secondly,  they propose four different dishes to choose from. On the one hand, and an assortment of maki sushi. In the first case, it is rice wrapped with seaweed and stuffed with vegetables or fish. Sushi, meanwhile, is a ball of rice wrapped with different raw fish.

    Another possibility is the sashimi with rice. Several raw fish such as amberjack, butter fish and salmon and tuna are offered. Some of these fish are really difficult to find in Malaga and they have to bring them from Japan or specialized markets of Madrid.

    The menu offers a wide selection of typical dishes from Japan, fantastically prepared by authentic Japanese masters.

    For dessert, the Kyoto recommend you the muchi. This sweet contains within red bean paste and coated rice cake and cocoa powder.

    A Japanese food of this standard must be watered with the best drinks from the country of the rising sun. Kyoto offers a selection of beers or umeshu, cherry liqueur or the famous sake.

    Definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants in Malaga.



    A delicious lunch menu for € 8.60, consisting of

    First course

    Miso Soup

    Second course

    Salad and Mini Roll

    Third course to choose from

      1.Maki and Sushi Joint
      2.Sashimi Mixed and White Rice
      3.Maki joint
      4.Teriyaki Fried Chicken and Rice
      5.Teppanyaki Fish and noodles

    Dessert, coffee or tea
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