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    La Carihuela Chica

    Plaza San Rafael s/n - Edif. Don Alberto, 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    629 reviews


    Average price: 20 €

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday:
    9:00am to 12:30am.


    The famous restaurant La Carihuela Chica stands out between the restaurants in Costa del Sol. It could not be otherwise: its excellent location on first line of beach, next to the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, turn into it in an establishment with highly coveted views. And its brilliance upon preparing the freshest seafood from these waters carries them to the top of the good cuisine.

    La Carihuela Chica’s menu is a rainbow of marine products. The chef of the house recommends his fish in any of its ways to cook (baked, salted, grilled...): gilt-head bream, sea bass, turbot, rosada, sea bream... Its moorhen, fried or grilled, is also one of the main suggestions that we offer you.

    Talking about seafood in this restaurant is talking about the best raw material from the Andalusian coast. Delight yourself savouring some delicious king prawns in Pil-Pil style from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, at the mouth of Guadalquivir River, or the succulent white shrimps from the Bay of Málaga. These products are also good couples of dance of La Carihuela Chica rice’s dishes: rice with lobster is an excellent example of this. Although in this field include we must also include other dishes like the tasty blind rice, the succulent special seafood barbecue or some juicy noodles “a la banda”.

    La Carihuela Chica does not give back to the land, so that it gives you some of the juiciest meats that you can find in Costa del Sol. You will see the heaven when you try its delicious lamb chops, its abundant Strogonoff or its pork and veal sirloins prepared in different styles.

    You will live a comfortable and pleasant environment that will exacerbate while you taste a suggestive dessert and a good Spanish wine to close the tasting of the best dishes from the Mediterranean Sea. You will be enveloped by the staff of the restaurant all the time.

    Don't wait any more to discover the restaurant where everybody wants to go to in Costa del Sol!



    Starters and salads

    Bead and butter
    Seafood cocktail
    Octopus cocktail
    Iberian ham
    Manchego cheese
    Goose pâté in Muscatel
    Mix salad
    Carihuela Chica salad
    Salad from Málaga with cod
    Tropical salad
    King prawns cocktail
    Avocato with prawns
    Avocato with salmon and dill vinaigrette
    Homemade croquettes
    Peppers salad
    Fried aubergines with sugar molasses
    Smoked salmon
    Iberian ham with melon
    Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea with buds of lettuce
    Prawns little omelettes
    Seafood crepes


    Garlic soup with Iberian ham
    Natural tomato soup
    Natural vegetables soup
    Lobster cream
    White garlic with grapes or apples
    Big beans from the farm with Carril clams
    Seafood soup
    Andalusian gazpacho
    Onion soup
    Gazpachuelo (minimum 2 people)


    Anchovies in lemon
    Fried anchovies
    Anchovies from Málaga
    Anchovies with vinegar
    Fried squids
    Fried small squids
    Fried small hake
    Fried red mullets
    Fried or grilled cuttlefish
    Grilled sardines
    Rosada's sticks
    Fritura malagueña
    Fish skewer
    Marinated rosada
    Fried rosada in alioli with chips and salad
    Grilled red mullets
    Grilled rosada with chips and salad
    Grilled monkfish
    Monkfish skewer
    Grilled squid with chips and salad
    Sailor's monkfish
    Cod Rioja style
    Grileld hake
    Hake Basque style
    Grilled swordfish
    Grilled sole
    Sole in Meunière style
    Octopus in Galician style
    Onion tuna
    Sole fillet in Carihuela Chica style
    Iberian monkfish with shaving
    Hake suprema with shaving


    Fried or grilled moorhen
    Salted sea bass or gilt-head bream
    Oven sea bass or gilt-head bream
    Open (a la espalda) sea bass or gilt-head bream
    Salted, oven or open red sea bream
    Salted, oven or open pargo
    Salted, oven or open hurta
    Fresh turbot
    Fresh salmon in dill or in green sauce
    Special seafood paella (minimum 2 people)
    Special mix paella (minimum 2 people)
    Hake with imitation young eel and clams
    Seafood casserole (minimum 2 people)
    Noodles a la banda (minimum 2 people)
    Sailor's rice (minimum 2 people)
    Scallop au gratin or in Pil-Pil style
    Rice with lobster (minimum 2 people)
    Rice with king prawns (minimum 2 people)
    Blind rice (minimum 2 people)
    Black rice with cuttlefish (minimum 2 people)
    Fideuá (minimum 2 people)


    Special seafood barbecue (minimum 2 people)
    Seafood barbecue (minimum 2 people)
    Sailor's mussels
    Sautéed or steamed clams
    Sautéed or steamed wedge clams
    Conchas finas
    Razor shells
    Grilled or baked prawns
    King prawns in Pil-Pil style
    Battered king prawns
    Fresh lobsters
    Wild lobster


    Strogonoff sirloin
    Carihuela fillets
    Fillets in cream
    Grilled chicken breast with chips and salad
    Oven chicken 1/2
    Entrecote in Roquefort sauce
    Pork sirloin skewer
    Grilled pork sirloin
    Pork sirloin in pepper sauce
    Chicken fillet
    Homemade croquettes
    Grilled veal fillet
    Veal fillet
    Grilled veal sirloin
    Veal sirloin in pepper sauce
    Grilled lamb chops
    Grilled entrecote
    Entrecote in green pepper sauce
    Entrecote in mushrooms sauce
    Baby lamb leg

    Desserts' menu

    Wines' menu
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      • 0-25 €
      • 25-40 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • Romantic
      • Business
      • With friends
    • Tipo de Establecimiento


      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • With sunset
      • Drinks & Cocktails
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Mediterranean
      • Shellfish
      • Fish

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