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    La Fábrica de los Sentidos

    Plaza de la Merced 16, 29012 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    63 reviews


    Average price: 20/25€

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday:
    12:00pm to 1:00am.


    We invite you to discover La Fábrica de los Sentidos, a real treat for the senses ... in every sense. Caring your glance with an artistic and colorful decoration with well-chosen painting exhibitions and the truly spectacular presentations of the dishes. It is no exaggeration to say that they are true works of art, in fact some of them can remind you directly to certain painters: Klimt, Monet, Miró or Kandinsky. Beautiful dishes that you will be sorry to eat because they look amazing... but once you do, your senses of smell and taste will thank you. Delicious and subtle aromas, delicate flavors, full of nuances in perfect balance. Tasty morsels of art.

    Located in the historic center of Malaga, in the emblematic Plaza de la Merced, near the birthplace of Picasso, La Fábrica restaurant renews its menu regularly to offer a new gastronomic experience. In an environment that will transport you to the world of art through an omnipresent Picasso. His birthplace, his childhood… invite to remember him. 

    Betting on a traditional cuisine with touches of creativity and own style

    They offer an tremendous, worked and balanced menu that can be coupled with an interesting selection of wines in an environment full of details in order to make it a modern and welcoming space where your senses will play.




    (Iberian, cured cheese and croutons) ... .. 12'90

    Crispy antequera mullet... .. 3'50 / 9'50

    Anchovies in vinegar and chopped avocado and mango ... .. 3.30

    Fried oysters with yogurt sauce and cucumber dill ... .. 4'20 / 11'60

    Caramelized scallops with smoked bacon and vichyssoise ... .. 4'60

    Rice with lobster and black ali-oli... ..4'30

    Cuttlefish stuffed with peppers in sauce ... .. 3'50 / 9'50

    Iberian rolls and braised baby vegetables with creamy Manchego ... .. 3.70 / 10'10

    Skewer of beef tenderloin with juice paprika ... .. 5'20

    Malaga lichel roll of goat, stuffed with foie and mushrooms ... .. 3.90

    Coca solomilo beef, ham, slices of hard cheese and almond majao ... .. 5'70

    Oxtail bullion... .. 3.90 / 10'70

    Skewer prawns with smoked bacon ... .. 3.70

    The glasses

    Russian salad with tuna, prawns, eggs and homemade mayonnaise ... .. 4.50

    Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, potatoes and ham powder ... .. 3.90

    Malaga salad with confit of cod, purple potatoes and orange foam ... .. 4'30



    (Iberian, cured cheese and croutons) ... .. 14:00
    Sauteed wild mushrooms with sauce and toasted almonds ... .. 12'20
    Poultry egg at low temperature with baby vegetables, creamy slices of manchego and ham ... .. 11'20
    Tart snouts and trotters with mashed celery ball ... .. 13'50
    Scallops with candied bacon and creamed corn ... .. 13'70

    The fish

    Riofrio sturgeon on blinis with yogurt cream and beets ... .. 21`50
    Cod with chickpea stew ... .. 17'50
    Octopus with paprika, potatoes and ham ... .. 17.00


    Beef tenderloin (Galicia) with butter The Factory and pumpkin cake ... .. 21'50 
    Piglet (Segovia) with pineapple and mango chutney ... .. 22.00
    Manchego suckling lamb with foie gras and mushrooms ...... 18'50


    Coulant chocolate and caramel with creamy mascarpone ... .. 6'60
    French toast with nougat ice cream, raisins and almonds crumbs in wine soup ... .. 6.90
    Glass of rice pudding in texture ... .. 7.20
    The Chocolate Factory ... .. 7.20
    Sangria sorbet with fruit gums ... .. 6'70

    Tasting menu

    Seasonal mushrooms with sauce and toasted almonds
    Vieira with candied bacon and creamed corn

    Cod with chickpea stew
    Piglet (Segovia) with pineapple and mango chutney with ginger

    The Chocolate Factory
    Sangria sorbet with fruit gums
    Petit fours

    Price: 45 €

    Daily menu

    Monday through Friday at noon you have the daily menu at 9.00 euros, with three first to choose, three seconds to choose, dessert or coffee and drink included.
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      • 25-40 €
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      • Romantic
      • Business
      • With friends
    • Tipo de Establecimiento


      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Charming
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Mediterranean
      • Rices
      • Steak House
      • Creative
      • Tapas
      • Fish

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