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    La Posada

    Calle Granada 33, 29015 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    336 reviews


    Average price: 25 €

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday:
    12:00pm to 12:00am.


    La Posada is the ideal place to stop and recharge after a hard day of tourism in Malaga.

    This restaurant, located in the center of Malaga city, offers you the best selection of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine faithfully respecting traditional creations. You have to try some of its oven baked house specialty. Does not the fact of thinking about some good roast piglets or a churrasco of grilled Iberian sirloin get your appetite? These are just two examples of the variety of roasted and grilled dishes which offers the La Posada’s menu, where you can also take pleasure in savoring a juicy lamb from Segovia or a hearty veal T-bone steak.

    La Posada’s paellas and salads are also noteworthy as well as its homemade “guisotes”: a succulent oxtail in Andalusian style or a “carrillada” in the particular style of the house. But this restaurant doesn’t only gets the best from the land, but also selects the best products of the Mediterranean Sea. Order a delicious fried fish typical of Costa del Sol (you can choose anchovies, squid, dogfish...).

    To complete your meal, asks one of the succulent desserts of La Posada (the homemade three chocolates cake is especially juicy). And as an appetizer before getting into substance, asks for a snack to share. You have a wide range of tapas: from an octopus in Galician style to a barbecue of vegetables or some tasty anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea. As you can see, at La Posada the best elaborations of every corner of Spain are all together.

    Enjoy these elaborate and traditional dishes in this pleasant corner situated in a privileged location in Malaga city.


    MENU (in euros)

    From the garden

    Roasted peppers salad with undercooked onion and melva...8,50
    Mixed salad la de toda la vida...8,00
    Caesar salad...8,50
    Goat cheese salad...8,50

    Rice dishes and paellas

    Paella marinera (fish and shellfish)...14,00
    Mixed paella...14,00
    Country paella...14,00

    Dish of fried fish

    Marinated dogfish...8,00
    Cod taquitos...8,00
    Fried prawns...8,00
    Fritura malagueña...16,00

    Our roasted and grilled dishes

    Roasted piglets...16,00
    Roasted lamb shoulder blade...20,00
    Roasted lamb leg...17,00
    Churrasco of grilled Iberian sirloin...10,00
    Roasted free-range chicken with potatoes and salad...10,00
    Chicken brochette / Iberian sirloin brochette...10,50
    Hamburger La Posada...9,30
    Black pudding from Burgos...8,50
    Chorizos and criollos...9,50
    Iberian secreto...15,00
    Veal entrecote...19,00
    National veal sirloin...20,00
    Veal T-bone steak...27,50
    Mixed of roasted and grilled dishes...27,00

    Homemade guisotes

    Oxtail in Andalusian style...15,00
    Carrillada in La Posada style...15,00

    From the sea

    Octopus a la brasa style with potato parmentier...14,00
    Grilled salmon...14,00
    Grilled sea bass or gilt-head bream...13,00

    Homemade desserts

    Tocino de cielo...4,50
    Homemade flan with cream...4,50
    Homemade three-chocolate cake...4,50
    Cheese cake...4,50
    Seasoned fruit...4,00

    Picoteo (snacks to share)

    Iberian ham...18,00
    Selection of Iberian products...18,00
    Sheep cured Manchego cheese...12,00
    Seasoned vegetable barbecue...11,00
    Varied croquettes...9,00
    Octopus in Galician style...17,00
    Cantabrian anchovies on country tomato...11,00
    Broken eggs with Iberian ham and chips...15,00
    Scrambled of undercooked garlics and prawns...12,00
    Scrambled of cod with leek and onion...12,00
    Sautéed little broad beans with Iberian ham...12,00
    Artichoke hearts with Iberian ham...12,00
    Oven baked mushrooms with vinaigrette...10,50
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      • 40-60 €
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      • Romantic
      • Business
      • With friends
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Drinks & Cocktails
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Mediterranean
      • Steak House
      • Tapas
      • Shellfish
      • Fish

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