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    Las Brasas

    Calle de la Playa 2, 29620 Torremolinos (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    386 reviews


    Starting from 20 €

    Opening hours

    Monday and Tuesday:
    1:30pm to 4:00pm.
    7:00pm to 12:00am.

    Wednesday to Friday:
    1:30pm to 12:00am.

    Saturday and Sunday:
    1:30pm to 5:00pm.
    7:00pm to 12:00am.


    The restaurant Las Brasas awaits for you with its stoves burning in Torremolinos just 50 metres from the sea to make you enjoy its grilled selected meats.

    Opened in 2007, Las Brasas occupies a privileged position within the specialized-in-meat's restaurants.
    You can satisfy your carnivorous hunger with its succulent sirloins, entrecotes and steaks of beef, veal and pork.

    Among the featured dishes of Las Brasas, however, we also should include its great cod in pil pil sauce which brings in a dish the flavor of the Mediterranean Sea, or other different grilled products from the sea. Swordfish, sole, squid... delight the most demanding palates.

    As well, you cannot leave Las Brasas without having tasted its particular oxtail, a delicacy with the most Spanish flavor, its tasty knuckle German style or its succulent Risi Bisi, prepared with beef sirloin tips over rice.

    Enjoy the most abundant Spanish cuisine in a fully accessible place to savor a great meal before or after a swim at the beach. The service will receive you, as usual, with a very nice and fast treatment so that you won't wait a lot of time to taste Las Brasas' delicacies.


    MENU (in euros)

    Cold starters

    Caesar salad with chicken and cheese....8,75
    Al Ándalus salad....8,25
    Las Brasas salad....6,50
    Prawns cocktail....8,50
    Avocado with prawns and sauce....9,25
    Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese....9,50
    Octopus carpaccio....12,00
    Pâté scorpionfish....13,50
    Pâté spinach....7,50
    Anchovies on avocados....12,80
    Cured manchego cheese....12,00
    Cured Iberian ham....19,00

    Hot starters

    Black pudding from Burgos....5,15
    Spicy (fresh sausage)....4,50
    Creole sausage....4,50
    Homemade chicken croquettes....7,90
    Homemade oxtail croquettes....7,90
    Provolone with spicy (fresh sausage)....8,50
    Vegetable soup....5,25
    Prawns pil pil sauce....8,50
    Scrambled eggs with green asparagus and prawns....8,50
    Snails in sauce....10,80
    Spicy fried lamb sweetbreads....10,50
    Sauteed vegetables....8,75
    Fried eggplant with cane honey....8,50


    Chicken curry with basmati rice....13,50
    Knuckle German style....13,90
    Oxtail Las Brasas style (with sauce)....14,80
    Risi bisi (Beef sirloin tips over rice. Sauteed with vegetables and mushrooms)....18,00
    Breaded escalope of chicken (tomato and melted cheese)....12,75


    Cod in pil pil sauce....13,50
    Cod in sauce Vizcaya style....13,50
    Cod in sauce Málaga style with raisins and onion....13,50
    Salmon with fine herbs sauce and with pasta cuttlefish....14,50
    Grilled swordfish....13,50
    Grilled sole....16,00
    Grilled squid....16,50

    Grilled meat

    American beef burger Black Angus....11,50
    Galician beef burger....12,50
    Chicken wings marinated grilled (6 units)....10,50
    Chicken breast kebab....13,50
    Pork sirloin kebab....14,50
    Beef sirloin kebab....20,50
    Pork ribs Las Brasas style....14,50
    Lean pork fillet....14,50
    Pork sirloin....16,00
    Beef entrecote (finese quality)....17,50
    Beef entrecote Black Angus....22,00
    Beef sirloin....20,50
    Argentinian beef....23,00
    Beef steak with bone....28,00
    Beef steak without bone....28,00


    From its desserts' menu we recommend you a juicy chocolate brownie (6,50), a cheese cake with cranberry sauce (4,80) and an Appel Strudel with vanilla ice (5,50).


    You can choose among Ribera del Duero, Rioja, white wines, rosé wines, cavas and champagnes.
    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 0-25 €
      • 25-40 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • With friends
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Drinks & Cocktails
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Steak House
      • Fish

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