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    Los Patios de Beatas

    Calle Beatas 43, 29008 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    941 reviews


    Average price: 20/25€

    Opening hours

    Monday to Saturday:
    1:00pm to 5:00pm.
    8:00pm to 12:00am.


    The famed restaurant Los Patios de Beatas emerges impressive on the street Beatas, in the old city of Málaga, for offering a unique gastronomic and touristic experience.

    The restaurant is placed in the noblest area of the building: in the central room, under the beautiful art glass made by the famous painter Barberán. It has only 8 beautiful tables decorated with motives of the wine’s process.

    The restaurant menu has its basis in the market. For example, in Los Patios de Beatas it is only served fresh products which, accompanied with the recommendations of its chefs and sommeliers, will make your stay at the restaurant a perfect time.

    The Vinoteca-Museum of Los Patios de Beatas offer to the visitors a space singular and unique in Málaga, where the best of Andalusian and Spanish gastronomy is placed, with important nods to other areas worldwide recognized, such as France and Italy, as well as the new world.

    You will have the opportunity to taste wines and dishes from the most diverse gastronomic corners, with a dynamic format where everything is integrated: client-wines and creative dishes.

    The space also has a room of tapas, tasting room and room auditions.

    Do not wait more and make as soon as possible your booking to discover Los Patios of Beatas,
    that unique corner of Málaga's that you must see at least once in your life.


    MENU (in euros)

    Assortment of Iberico meats

    Iberian ham...9,50 / 18,00
    Beef ham...9,50 / 18,00
    Acorn fed Iberian loin extra quality...12,00 / 21,00
    Iberian selection (salami, chorizo, loin, ham and sobrasada)...12,00 / 22,00
    Iberian sobrasada...4,50

    Selection of cheese

    4 types...9,00 / 18,00
    6 types...12,00 / 22,00
    Aged Zamorano cheese...9,00 / 18,00
    Creamed goat's cheese from Ronda...6,00

    To share

    Creamed black pudding...5,00
    Duck liver pate...12,00
    Duck liver pate with pineapple and pistachio...10,00
    Russian salad...8,00 / 12,00
    Beatas croquettes (10/16 units)...8,00 / 12,00
    Salmon croquettes (10/16 units)...8,00 / 12,00
    Mushroom with truffle croquettes (10/16 units)...8,00 / 12,00
    Butterfish tartar (120 g)...14,00
    Steak tartar (130 g)...15,00
    Lamb sweetbreads...16,00
    Tempura of vegetables with king prawns...12,00
    Salt and pepper squid (3/5 units)...8,00 / 14,00
    Anchovy Don Bocarte-Santoña '00 (8 units)...18,00

    Salads and carpaccios

    Green salad with house cured salmon...10,00
    Green salad with duck ham, goat cheese, pomegranate, aniseed pear and caramel nuts...12,00
    Seafood carpaccio with pinenuts, vinaigrette and mustard...10,00


    Hake with black risotto...19,00
    Loin of salmon...19,00
    Red tuna tataki...21,00
    Fresk market fish with garnish...24,00


    Iberian pork steak with potatoes and Padron peppers...18,00
    Duck magret...19,00
    Suckling goat from Málaga with vegetables couscous...21,00
    Beef fillet with potato coulant and truffle oil...24,00
    Venison sirloin with dark chocolate sauce...22,00
    Boneless ox chop with garnish (500 g)...35,00


    Cheesecake with berries...6,50
    Peanut and strawberry parfait...6,00
    Caramel pudding with kataifi and Passion Fruit icecream...6,00
    Brownie with Passion Fruit icecream...6,00
    Creamed yogurt with white chocolate, fresh fruits...6,00
    Rice pudding with filo pastry and chocolate sauce...6,00

    They have, of course, a very wide menu of wines from all kind of origins: Andalusia, Spain and all over the world.
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      • Mediterranean
      • Rices
      • Steak House
      • International
      • Fish

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