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    C/ Sánchez Pastor 6, 29015 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    322 reviews


    Average price: 20/25 €

    Opening hours

    Tuesday to Saturday:
    1:00pm to 11:30pm.

    1:00pm to 4:00pm.


    Restaurant Mosaico, a place where both the union of cultures and the cuisine become experience. A bright, open atmosphere where everyone is welcome. A place to enjoy with friends of snacks from all around the world.

    The menu is the result of the union of cultures created around the Mediterranean Sea. Málaga, as open city, of traveler people, traders, and continuous renewal city, makes that Mosaico is that place where both shores of the Mediterranean Sea come together to bring you the best of its gastronomy.

    Representing this side of the Mediterranean Sea you have a varied range of dishes: as a starter, a fabulous Iberian ham platter, some scrambled eggs or a tasty “pincho moruno”; as a main course, some delicious spaghetti, an abundant Iberian pork jaw or a unique and tasty duck breast with sauce in Pedro Ximenez style.

    Mediterranean Africa and Near East also make a great contribution in Mosaico’s menu: start your evening with a colourful tabbouleh (Lebanese salad), an exotic kefta pita bread with yogurt sauce or a delicious pastela, a curious plate that mixes the sweet and the savory with the scent of cinnamon.

    From the nexus between the two worlds (i.e., from the Mediterranean Sea) you can also try a tasty tuna tataki or a delicious baked cod with herb crumbs and peas velouté. And don't miss the opportunity to taste the homemade Mosaico crunchies, which are a few prawn rolls with Chinese noodles and vegetables.

    Enjoy the mosaic of dishes which this restaurant wants to delight you with. Friendly, closely and lively treatment of the staff contribute to that, as well as its excellent location in the center of Málaga city. Dare to discover what Mosaico has prepared for you!


    MENU (in euros)

    Cold starters

    Russian salad...1,70 / 3,20 / 6,00
    Tabulé...1,70 / 3,20 / 6,00
    Caesar salad...8,50
    Goat cheese, walnuts and caramelized onion salad...9,00
    Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, rucula and pine nuts...11,00
    Salmon tartar with mango mayonnaise and chilli...9,50
    Foie micuit with pear compote and reduction of Oporto wine...12,50

    Cold meat platter

    Iberian ham platter...12,00
    Caña de lomo platter...10,00
    Cured cheese platter...9,00
    Iberian assortment...12,00

    Toasts and hamburgers

    Kefta pita bread with yogurt sauce...3,00
    Beef mini-hamburger with barbecue sauce...3,00
    Goat cheese toast with tomato marmalade and caramelized onion...6,00
    Serrano ham toast with Parmesan cheese and rucula...6,00
    Loin toast and quail eggs with mustard sauce and honey...6,00

    Hot starters

    Scrambled eggs with potatoes, ham, mushrooms and onion...8,00
    Prawns in Pil-Pil style...7,00
    Ham croquettes...2,00 / 4,00 / 8,00
    Chicken couscous...9,00
    Veal couscous...11,00
    Lamb couscous...12,00
    Mosaico's crunchies...3,00 / 6,00
    Kefta skewer...7,00
    Chicken pincho moruno...7,00
    Lamb pincho moruno...9,00


    Spaghetti bolognese...8,00
    Spaghetti al pesto...9,00


    Iberian pork jaw in mushrooms sauce...13,00
    Duck magret with Pedro Ximénez sauce with raisins and pine nuts...15,00
    Beef sirloin with date sauce and black wine...18,00


    Grilled salmon with leek sauce and asparagus...13,50
    Baked cod with herb crumbs and peas velouté...15,00
    Tuna tataki...17,00


    Brownie with Baileys cream...4,00
    Cheesecake with raspberry sauce...4,00
    Chocolate and peanut coulant...4,00
    Features Rating
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      • 25-40 €
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      • Romantic
      • With friends
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      • For dinner
      • Lounge
    • Tipo de Comida

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      • Mediterranean
      • Creative
      • Tapas
      • International

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