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    Calle Larga 4, 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    575 reviews


    Average price: 20 €

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday:
    12:00pm to 12:00am.


    Gastro Taberna Picoteo cuisine combines tradition and innovation with the hope of providing customers an original dining experience.

    It pays attention to customer service and presentation of all the meals that are made with the best raw material and premium selected products.

    In the menu you will find typical Mediterranean cuisine meals, through a wide variety of tapas and ending with a selection of international and seasonal meals, all of them seasoned with its distinctive touch from Picoteo. They also have a large number of vegetarian and coeliac food.

    Also do not forget its cellar with an extensive list of wines and spirits which you can complete your table with.

    The restaurant is located in the heart of Fuengirola, in the emerging area of gastronomy in this town. It has a cozy indoor lounge with bar and a large terrace where evenings can be extended with an exquisite range of spirits and cigars.


    MENU (in euros)

    Maderitas and lifetime tapas

    Russian salad with prawns...8,00
    Salmorejo, ham and egg...6,50
    King prawns in pil pil style...7,50
    Fresh chorizo in cider sauce...5,00
    Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea in the old style...2,25
    Spicy potatoes with Picoteo special sauce...3,95
    Salted tuna with almonds...6,00
    Fried Camembert cheese with tomato compote...8,90
    Smoked salmon in tartar sauce...9,50

    Picoteo's Vegetables

    Padrón peppers...5,90
    Seasoned vegetables barbecue...12,00
    Pack-Choi wok and king prawns...13,00
    Grilled or fried artichokes...9,00

    Picoteo's vegetarian salads and tomatoes

    Goat cheese salad with almonds, bacon, raisins and Modena sauce...9,50
    Homemade Caesar salad with fried chicken, tomato, fried bread and Regian Parmesan cheese...10,50
    Vietnamese Picoteo style with chicken, king prawns, vegetables and peanuts...12,00
    Ground tomato with little garlics and oil...5,90
    Tomato, ventresca and little onions...7,50
    Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and basil...8,50
    Burrata, tomato, avocado and basil...11,00

    Our plates

    Prawns soup with chicken and rice noodles...9,00
    Mushrooms cream with poche egg and ham...9,00
    Gyosas of steamed prawns in ponzu sauce (Japanese ravioli)...9,00
    Vietnamese nems of red king crab and shiitake...9,00

    Let's start with the seafood's bar

    Red king crab...11,00
    Oyster from Eo River...12,00
    Oysters au gratin...12,00
    Baked prawns...12,00
    Red prawns from Garrucha...12,00
    Grilled clams...10,00
    Mussels in white sauce...10,00

    Andalusian cheese and cold meats

    Cured Iberian ham...19,00
    Assortment of Iberian meat (chorizo, loin and sausage)...12,00
    Cured beef cecina (from Valle de Esla)...12,00
    Pajarete cheese (cured)...12,00
    Hot cake cheese (finca Pascualete)...12,00
    Toast of cateto bread with grated tomato...1,50

    Fried fish

    Anchovies with panko and lemon cream sauce...10,00
    Fried squids with alioli in its own ink...11,00
    Fried puntillitas with citrus fruits' couscous, mint and nuts...12,90
    Fried hake tacos in tartar sauce...15,00

    Fish from the market

    Cod au gratin with spinach, plums and dry tomato...18,00
    Cod in pil pil style...24,00
    Grilled sole with vegetables...19,00
    Hake in Bilbao style...19,00
    Roasted scallops with mushrooms and spinaches...17,00
    Octopus with potato and paprika...12,00
    Txangurro au gratin...13,50
    Fish soup Picoteo style...9,50

    New generation of ceviche, tataki, sashimi and carpaccio

    Amazing: tuna, lime, wasabi, soy sauce and ginger...14,00
    Salmon and tuna sashimi with wasabi, soy and ginger...14,00
    Red and white prawns carpaccio in its own seasoning...14,00
    Veal carpaccio with Parmesan ice cream and rocket...11,50
    Red tuna tartar and avocado...16,00
    Red tuna tataki with wakami salad and wasabi ice cream...16,00
    Sea bass ceviche Picoteo style...9,00
    Salmon tiraditos Picoteo style...14,00

    An issue of eggs

    Scrambled eggs with potato...6,50
    Scrambled eggs with potato and Iberian ham...10,50
    Scrambled eggs with potato and blood sausage from Ronda...8,50
    Scrambled eggs with potato and grilled foie gras...12,90
    Scrambled of green asparagus and Iberian ham...9,00

    Más vale pan con amor que gallina con dolor

    Kebab of king prawns, omelette, mushrooms and coriander alioli...6,50
    Kebab of chicken, omelette, bacon, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise...6,00
    Omelette of Provolone cheese, tomato and olive oil...2,75
    Salmon and avocado omelette...3,00
    Pico pollo (breaded chicken hamburger with chipotle ketchup)...3,50
    Veal little hamburger with aliño moruno...4,25
    Duck burger with greed mustace sauce...4,50
    Pan pan (bread) of Iberian sirloin with green pepper sauce and fried potato...4,80
    Pan pan (bread) of goat cheese with blueberry marmalade...2,20
    Pan pan (bread) of salmon and roquefort with cane syrup...2,50
    pan pan (bread) of Camembert, onion and bacon...2,70

    Baño 180º

    Chicken or Iberian ham croquettes...8,50
    Blood sausage from Burgos with apple purée...10,00
    Vegetables, goat cheese and yogurt sauce crisp...4,90
    Prawns, Chinese noodles and green alioli crisp...4,90
    Chicken, onion and raisins crisp...12,00
    Fried aubergines with cane syrup and goat cheese...10,00
    Loin flamenquín with zurrapa, roasted pepper and hot sauce...4,90
    Chicken tears in poppy with spicy chorizo sauce...9,95
    Kataiki king prawns with sweet chilli sauce...12,00
    Salmon nuggets and Kimuchi sauce...10,00

    Our stews, rice, pasta (minimum 2 people)

    Paella for 1 person...17,00
    Seafood dry paella...14,00
    Sailor fideuá with little prawns and squids...12,90
    Lasagne of pringá of wild chicken...7,80
    Txangurro and vegetables lasagne...9,50

    Out stewed or grilled meats

    Ground lamb bite or chicken bite...3,00
    Teriyaki chicken satay...3,00
    Iberian pork sirloin with hummus in lemon sauce...12,50
    Iberian pork jaw with Majorcan sausage sauce and honey...16,50
    Meloso of veal in black wine sauce...16,50
    Veal meatballs with mushrooms...12,50
    Steak tartar picoteo style...14,90
    Sirloin or entrecote a la piedra...19,00
    Sirloin with foie and Pedro Ximénez sauce...23,00

    Foie gras

    Foie gras, quince and goat cheese yogurt...10,50
    1-2-3 grilled foie gras, onion and spice bread...13,50

    Menu of wines and desserts
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