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    Restaurante El Lago

    Urb. Elviria Hills, Avda. Las Cumbres s/n, 29600 Marbella (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    529 reviews


    Average price: 40€

    Opening hours

    From Tuesday to Sunday:
    10:00am to 5:00pm.
    8:00pm to 11:00pm.


    El Lago Marbella is not just a restaurant, it is a gastronomic center for innovation, experimentation and culinary excellence.

    Opened in the summer of 2000, the restaurant El Lago Marbella was quite an entrepreneurial Greenlife Estates group bet to create an innovative restaurant, with a bold cuisine and personalized service.

    An exclusive menu in response to the latest trends in the global market is one of its attributes.

    Located in the clubhouse of Greenlife Golf in Elviria Hills urbanization in Marbella, the restaurant offers diners the unique setting of a beautiful lake and a golf course.

    During these years of experience, El Lago has become a benchmark of Andalusian cuisine. It has been recognized by the prestigious Estrella Michelín guide in 2005.

    The winery keeps the same line, with more than 300 national references

    Once a year, the restaurant The lake becomes a reference point, in a week it shows the word the latest trends of the most interesting cuisine. Tastings, talks, samples...



    Author cuisine is itself a philosophy for this spectacular restaurant.

    During the day the restaurant offers LAKE-SNACK service from 9:30 to 17:00. A light menu but of extraordinary quality. Different kinds of salads, pastas, meats and stews make up a dynamic, fast and very economical menu.

    During the dinner, avant-garde cuisine, simple but full of flavor. Made with the finest local ingredients and conducted with finesse and talent.

    El Lago do not forget their roots and, although it is important for them to innovate, the menu never neglects Mediterranean cuisine.




    Ensalá water tomato stalks of lettuce,
    cucumber syrup and smoked sardines
    Urta marinated with citrus raw vegetable juice and cilantro
    Tuna tartare with Ajoblanco Kimchi, apple and crunchy quinoa
    Mullet with clams with garlic, zucchini juice and its emulsified
    Iberian pork with cream of watercress and horseradish,
    chives mashed pears and sherry vinegar
    Tangerine Valle del Guadalhorce
    Apple, yogurt and cinnamon

    Price: € 63.00 pp. + VAT


    Marinated chicken strudel with foie gras and caramelized apple
    Semi dried tomato goat cheese ground of Coin,
    quince, arugula pesto and fruit praline
    Grilled octopus with roasted potato cream and truffle
    Shoulder of lamb Malaga Chivo, vegetable tabbouleh
    and soy yogurt and orange
    Cream of passion fruit with red berries
    and iced lemon grass

    Price: € 52.00 pp. + VAT

    Wine pairing

    A la Carte

    Land tomato with goat cheese semi Coín
    quince, arugula pesto and praline nuts ... .. € 19.00

    Oysters with cold gazpachuelo of palo cortado and iced lemon lime ... .. € 18.00

    Shrimp with fennel vinaigrette, mashed avocado, pink grapefruit and cocktail sauce ... .. € 18.00

    Ajoblanco tuna tartare with kimchi, apple and crunchy quinoa ... .. € 19.00

    Sauteed spinach with cream peas,
    cous cous and lemon broccoli and winter vegetables ... .. 20.00 €

    Parpatana Tuna with onion, roasted red pepper and caramel jus ... ..20.00 €

    Marinated chicken strudel with foie gras and caramelized apple ... .. 20.00 €

    Urta marinated with citrus raw vegetable juice and coriander ... .. € 21.00

    Grilled octopus with roasted potato cream and truffle ... .. € 21.00


    Rail mullet with clams with garlic, juice and zucchini emulsified ...... € 30.00

    Pargo with cauliflower in three textures: mashed, esparragada and raw ... .. € 30.00

    Sea bass with green beans and rice squid, garlic mayonnaise roasted garlic and ink ... ..30.00 €

    Urta loin with cuttlefish and potato casserole broth and clams ...... € 30.00

    Sea bass with warm salad of marinated eggplant and mashed Jerusalem artichoke ... .. € 31.00


    Iberian pork with cream of watercress and horseradish, onions and mashed
    Sherry vinegar pears ... .. € 29.00

    Fillet of venison with juice spices, sauteed mushrooms and nuts ... ..30.00 €

    Pigeon with mashed carrots, bread and soy milk honey and hazelnuts ... .. € 31.00

    Malaga shoulder of suckling lamb, tabbouleh vegetable and soy yogurt and orange ... .. € 31.00

    Fillet of beef with mashed potato, foie and bearnaise ... .. € 34.00


    Steak ... .. € 29.00

    Baby Lamb Chops ... .. € 29.00

    Beef tenderloin ... .. € 30.00

    Apple, yogurt and cinnamon ... .. 10.00 €


    Pie raw milk cheese with peaches and meringue ice cream ... .. € 10.00

    Malaga curd cream with walnut ice cream and crispy bread ... .. 10.00 €

    Creamy chocolate with hazelnut, coffee foam,
    iced hot chocolate and white chocolate soup ... .. 10.00 €

    Cream of passion fruit with red fruits and iced lemon grass ... .. 10.00 €

    Caramel mousse with milk ice cream and gelatin licorice cabea ... .. 10.00 €
    Features Rating
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      • 25-40 €
      • 40-60 €
      • over 60 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • Romantic
      • With friends
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • With sunset
      • Drinks & Cocktails
      • Charming
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      • Mediterranean
      • Steak House
      • Creative
      • International
      • Fish

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