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    Restaurante Mar y Tierra - Hotel Hydros

    Ctra. Cádiz 195, 29630 Benalmádena Costa (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    16 reviews


    Average price: 30 €

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday:
    9:00am to 11:00pm.


    Restaurante Mar y Tierra, located on the main floor of the Hotel Hydros, stands out for its privileged location in Benalmádena Costa. From the dining room you can enjoy the best views of the Mediterranean Sea.

    The flavours of its kitchen recover ancient recipes from Málaga and they melt its Mediterranean essence with different cultures of the world. In this way, the Mar y Tierra’s menu consists of calculated and original dishes in which each ingredient is important to enhance the taste and the presentation.

    Therefore, with innovation and creativity as a standard, the chef prepares delicacies such as a delicious raspberry porra with “migas marineras” and trout roe from Riofrío, a six Mediterranean Sea salad composed of algae and various seafood or a traditional gazpachuelo merged with cockles in sherry sauce.

    Fish, meat and rice dishes join this different proposal which Mar y Tierra gives us. Some of its most popular and top-rated dishes are its rice with monkfish in saffron aroma, its surprise of sea bass en papillote or its juicy deer loin with chestnut purée. Of course the options coming out of its kitchen are a lot, all of them with a great quality.

    They have a wide selection of wines, with representation from most of the certificates of origin and presence of native wines from Málaga. They also include a children's menu and, both children and adults, you can taste one of its multiple snacks and desserts.

    Every day you can breathe in Mar y Tierra a great atmosphere, and even more with this landscape in the background, but Fridays, named sushi’s evenings, the comfort of the place is emphasized along with good taste for cooking. A total experience in a unique restaurant where tradition and avant-garde culinary go hand in hand.


    MENU (in euros)

    To whet your appetite

    Warms of goat and cachorreña orange...6,30
    Stew croquettes with emulsion of roast chicken...6,70
    Muffins of black olive, Estepona anchovies and greasy of dry tomato...10,50
    Kataifi king prawn skewer with mango and Parmesan alioli...11,60
    Mar y Tierra: mixed fried of green vegetables, king prawns and poché egg...12,50

    A salad to begin

    Truffled white garlic and seasoned fruit...6,40
    Porra Antequerana with Iberian ham...9,10
    Anchovies in vinergar salad and smoked products with foam from Alboran Sea and lettuce from Málaga...9,20
    Raspberry porra, migas marineras and trout roe from Riofrío...9,90
    Ingots of salad from Málaga with cod...10,50
    6 Mediterranean Sea Flavors: algae. octopus, squid, scallops, king prawns, common cockle with caviar vinaigrette...11,65
    Goat cheese salad with bacon and strawberries...12,00
    Tuna tataki with green salmorejo...15,30

    We continue with...

    Melon cold soup with ham and mint...5,30
    Little sacks of pear with dry tomato from Guadalhorce River, duck ham and Parmesan cheese...5,60
    Gazpachuelo og common cockles in sherry sauce...10,00
    Toasted noodles, octopus and texturized ink...10,50
    Oriental wok with sauce to choose: soy, sweet and sour or curry...13,40
    Cuttlefish noodles with alioli and black sesame...14,40
    Foie ingots with Parmesan cheese...19,90

    Rice dishes

    Stew rice of monkfish in saffron aroma...14,45
    Boletus risotto with poché egg...15,30

    ...a fish...

    Grilled sole with panaderas potatoes...13,50
    Mould of salmon, spinach and iodized juice...15,70
    Confit hake with pilpil of piquillo...15,75
    Cod at a low temperature with garlic rashers and paprika from La Vera...17,00
    Surprise of sea bass en papillote with wheat from Guadalteba zone...18,40
    Roast turbot with minced of vegetables au gratin...22,40

    We finish with... meats

    Glazed pork jaw in Pedro Ximénez sauce...7,95
    Larded oxtail, with celery purée, almonds and jelly of roast vegetables...14,70
    Pork meat taco cut in fillets with gnocchi, corn and vanilla...16,30
    Braised kid with green mojo and potatoes in Parmesan style...16,30
    Wild duck with apricots and cinnamon...17,00
    Deer loin with chestnuts purée and red fruits sauce...19,50
    Veal sirloin with wild asparagus, honey and soy...24,50
    Steak tartar beef cut with knife with rosemary tartar...25,50

    They have children's menu and, besides, menus of desserts, wines and snacks.
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      • 40-60 €
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      • Child friendly
      • With friends
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Snack Bar
      • With sunset
      • Drinks & Cocktails
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Mediterranean
      • Creative
      • Snack

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