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    Restaurante París Tokio

    C/ Cañón 13, 29015 Málaga

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    183 reviews


    Average price: 25/30€

    Opening hours

    From Tuesday to Saturday:
    1:30pm to 4:15pm.
    8:15pm to 12:00am.

    8:15pm to 12:00am.


    Two cultures and the same environment. That is Paris Tokyo, the new restaurant by International Chef André Sepúlveda that joins the Japanese and Mediterranean food.

    The specialty of the house, without a doubt, is the Japanese food: Makis, Niguiris, California Rolls, Sashimi....

    Its exquisite cuisine is in a continuous process of innovation, you will check with its “tapas”: Iberian cheeks, morcilla de Burgos pouch with tomato ham, hash boletus, the pot with mint or cod gazpacho with diced ham and eggs, toast salmon, gazpacho and brie, etc.

    Among meats, top quality, include the sirloin steak with bordelaise sauce, grilled steak with bearnaise sauce and Maldon salt, or secret Iberian pork on the grill.

    And among their fish, confit baked cod with leeks and completed potato chips; loins salmon and zucchini tagliatelle champagne sauce, or shrimp tempura, hariharizuke and soybeans.

    You will find the sweet spot in the desserts made by André as chocolate coulant with vanilla sauce, whipped cream or cheesecake and tiramisu.

    Everyday from Tuesday to Friday, has a lunch menu for just € 8,50, with first and second course, dessert and drink.

    It also has Sushi Takeaway service.




    Sake maki-roll of nori seaweed, rice and salmon (6 pieces) ….. 5.60

    Vegetable maki with soy, corn and avocado carrot (6 pieces) ….. 5.50

    Maguro maki-roll nori, rice, red tuna and cucumber (6 pieces) ….. 5.80

    Spice Maguro tuna maki, kimuchi sauce and ikura (6 pieces) ….. 7.20

    California Roll

    Roll of rice, nori, avocado, sea mouth, kimuchi sauce and tobiko (8 pieces) ….. 9.50

    Uramaki Salmon California Roll (8 pieces) ….. 12


    Sake, slice of salmon on rice canape (2 pieces) ….. 3.80

    Maguro, slice bluefin tuna on rice canape (2 pieces) ….. 4.50

    Butterfish, fish slice of butter on rice canape (2 pieces) …..4


    Sake, 4 slices of salmon Japanese style ….. 5.20

    Maguro, 4 slices of tuna to the Japanese style ….. 5.80

    Buttherfish, 4 slices of Japanese-style butterfish ….. 5.20

    Mixed Sashimi, 8 slices of red tuna, butterfish and salmon with scallops and cut Japanese ikura ….. 12

    Sushi Joint

    Assortment of maki sushi made, niguiris, californias and sashimi (18 pieces) ….. 19.50

    Assortment of maki sushi made, niguiris, california, sashimi,
    maki and uramaki vegetable gunkan salmon (24 pieces) ….. 23


    Gunkan sushi, boat rice, nori, tobiko, ikura, wakame seaweed and sauce kimuchi ….. 4.80

    Niguiri Unagui, caramelized Anquila ….. 4.50

    Niguiri anchovy with muscat grapes ….. 4.20


    Boletus croquettes ….. 3.50

    Cod croquettes ….. 3

    Burgos bag of sausage with tomato jam ….. 3.50

    Pink grilled or breaded ….. 5

    Iberian chaps ….. 3.90

    Stew croquettes ….. 3.50

    Cod fritters ….. 2.50

    Sheep cheese ….. 5.50

    Mini beef burger with fries ….. 3.80

    Toast with ham and salmorejo ….. 4.50

    Toast with smoked salmon, brie and truncheon ….. 4.50

    Porra with ham and egg ….. 3.50

    Mini salmon burger with fries ….. 3.80


    Duck liver terrine, apple and cinnamon ….. 8.20

    Green salad with breaded fillets with lemon and parmesan cracker ….. 7

    Cruditées salad with tomato, egg, tuna, corn, beet ..... 6.50

    Wakame seaweed salad with sesame and shrimp ….. 8.50

    Miso soup ….. 5

    Gyoza with chicken and vegetables with teriyaki sauce ….. 5.50


    Confit baked cod, stewed leeks and sweet potato chips ….. 9.50

    Medallions of salmon, zucchini tagliatelle and champagne sauce ….. 9.50

    Tempura prawns with seaweed salad ….. 9.50

    Slightly marinated tataki bluefin tuna in soy ….. 13.50


    Sauteed chicken teriyaki with crispy vegetables ….. 7.20

    Fillet of beef with green pepper sauce ….. 18.20

    Sirloin steak with bearnaise sauce and Maldon salt ….. 16.50

    Iberian pork fan ….. 6.90


    Brownie with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce ….. 4.20

    Coulant chocolate with vanilla sauce and whipped cream ….. 5.50

    Tiramisu with blueberries and vanilla sauce ….. 4.20

    Cheesecake ….. 4.20

    Namelaka (bourbon and vanilla) with green tea ice cream ….. 5.50

    Vanilla ice cream, chocolate or strawberry ….. 2.50
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      • 25-40 €
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      • Creative
      • Tapas
      • Fish

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