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    Ta-Kumi Gastrobar

    Calle Gregorio Marañón 4, 29602 Marbella (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    1130 reviews


    Average price: 30 €

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday:
    1:00pm to 4:00pm.
    7:30pm to 11:00pm.


    Ta-Kumi Gastrobar was born from the union of two prestigious chefs, Toshio and Álvaro, who once upon a time gathered in a same kumi (a word which in Japanese means a team) to create a place for cultural meeting and culinary fusion. The success has been immediate since the first moment, so nowadays Ta-Kumi is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Spain.

    The atmosphere of distinction and originality that permeates Ta-Kumi also is notable in its dishes, which are a true example of quality of Japanese cuisine, joined Mediterranean touches which give more wealth to this gastrobar’s menu. The best products from here and there, on your table.

    Its white fish sashimi, its teppanyaki of sea bass or gilt-head bream or its avocado futomaki are good examples of dishes that carry the flag of culinary fusion. Furthermore, in its menu they have a place for some Japanese traditional dishes such as a delicious yakisoba, which is a group of sautéed noodles with bacon, vegetables and sea fruits, or a yakitori, a skewer of grilled chicken with vegetables. Tatakis, tempuras, nigiris and spring rolls put the finishing touch to an authentic Japanese menu.

    You shouldn’t forget to try one of its fantastic homemade desserts, which will bring your mouth the soft aromas and textures from the Eastern country. Like the rest of the menu, they are made with high-quality raw. Elegance is its hallmark, as well as savour, enhanced thanks to its delicious homemade sauces.

    Open your mind (and your mouth) to new experiences
    and discover Japanese cuisine in Ta-Kumi! If you are already a lover of Japanese flavors, delight yourself once again with the dishes that the chefs of this gastrobar prepare with all their care and effort. All of you will enjoy an unforgettable evening in a warm atmosphere.


    TAKE-OUT MENU (in euros)


    Miso soup with tofu, wakame seaweed and fresh onion...5,00
    Edamame, soy beans...5,00
    Sea vegetables and cucumber salad...8,00
    Mixed lettuce salad with red tuna tataki...12,00
    Tuna marinated in miso...10,00
    Salmon tartare...10,00

    Hosomaki - Thin roll

    Tuna or spicy tuna...8,00 / 16,00
    Salmon...7,00 / 14,00
    Goma wakame...5,00 / 10,00
    Negitoro...8,00 / 16,00

    Futomaki - Big roll

    Traditional Japanese style...9,00 / 18,00
    Salmon roll California style...9,00 / 18,00
    Avocado roll California style...9,00 / 18,00

    California roll

    California roll...5,00 / 10,00
    Salon and avocado California roll...8,00 / 16,00
    Lobster California roll...9,00 / 18,00

    Nigiris (2 pieces)

    Tuna fillet...9,00
    Sweet prawn...10,00
    Seared otoro...9,00
    Seared salmon...7,00
    P.M. boletus and truffle...10,00

    Sashimi (4 pieces)

    Tuna fillet...18,00
    Sweet prawn...14,00
    Greater amberjack...18,00
    Seared otoro...18,00
    Sea bass...14,00

    Warm dishes

    Yakisoba: Noodles sautéed in wok style with vegetables, bacon and sea fruits...14,00
    Tori-Yakiudon: Noodles sautéed in wok style with vegetables and chicken...14,00
    Yasai Yakisoba: Noodles sautéed with vegetables...12,00
    Yakitori: Grilled wild chicken skewer with vegetables in wok style...14,00
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