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    Taberna Andaluza Rufino

    Avenida de España 17, 29620 Torremolinos (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    50 reviews


    Average price: 15 € - 20 €

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday:
    1:00pm to 4:00pm.
    7:00pm to 11:00pm.

    Closed on Wednesdays.


    In Taberna Andaluza Rufino quality and tradition are the bases of all an entire life dedicated to tourism in one of the main spots of Costa del Sol as Torremolinos.

    Watch through your eyes and feel through your palate the art of cuisine as it was traditionally understood in Andalusia. Rufino offers dishes that recreate the lifetime flavours and colours, with Mediterranean scents and a simplicity that is complemented perfectly with the savoir faire.

    It is worth you taste any of the house specialties. Its premium steaks prepared on the grill are a good option, although the quota for meat seems to never be full: Rufino has plenty of dishes with pork, veal, beef or chicken as protagonists. Choose one of its multiple wines to quench your thirst when you delight with this feast.

    Not without trying before some of the delicious starters proposed by the chef of the house, where you could not miss some ones with an Andalusian air. Broad beans with ham, Iberian loin shanks, Andalusian “tomatada” or gazpacho are just some examples of the richness and the variety offered by the gastronomy of southern Spain. However, Rufino also opens towards tasty dishes from other areas of the country, as a succulent Asturian bean stew or a good portion of cheese from La Mancha.

    Don’t forget to close the evening with one of its fabulous homemade desserts: Andalusian cream, custards, egg flan... Your mouth will be water just thinking about tasting them! Ah! And whatever the dish you ask for, try it with tarragon sauce as a companion. You will see the glory when you will try it!

    Dare experiment a distinctly Andalusian culinary experience exalted by the great atmosphere that Rufino can always brag about. You won't regret it!




    Mixed salad
    Special salad
    Peppers salad
    Mediterranean tomatada
    Andalusian tomatada
    Tuna in brine


    Vegetable soup
    Sopa de picadillo (soup accompanied by minced hard-boiled egg, ham, and small pieces of crispy bread)
    Callos in Andalusian style
    Asturian fabada

    Varied starters

    Iberian ham
    Iberian caña de lomo
    Manchego cheese
    Chorizo and morcilla pinchito
    Scrambled of asparagus
    Grilled asparagus
    Fava beans with ham
    Scrambled of fava beans with ham
    Varied canapés


    Veal sirloin
    Veal sirloin in pepper sauce or in tarragon sauce
    Veal entrecot
    Veal entrecot in pepper sauce or in tarragon sauce
    Veal skewer
    Lamb shoulder
    Lamb portion
    Lamb chops
    Planchada de carne (grilled meat) (minimum 2 people)
    Lamb pinchitos
    Grilled chicken
    Chicken in tarragon sauce or in pepper sauce
    Breaded chicken breast
    Pork sirloin
    Pork sirloin in pepper sauce or in tarragon sauce
    Pork skewer
    Fillet in butter
    Beef T-bone steak (700 g)
    Beef entrecote (300 g)
    Beef sirloin (250 g)
    Beef skewer (200 g)


    Chocolate mousse
    Andalusian cream
    Homemade egg crème caramel
    Homemade custard
    Fruit pudding
    Seasoned fruit

    Besides, they have a menu of wines.
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      • 25-40 €
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      • Charming
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      • Steak House
      • Tapas

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