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    Zen Restaurante

    Calle de los Lirios, 10 B, 29660 Nueva Andalucía - Marbella (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    153 reviews


    Average price: 20/25€

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday
    01:00pm to 04:00pm
    07:00pm to 12:00am

    Closed Tuesday lunch


    The most luxurious Japanese and Chinese restaurant of Costa del Sol. There you can taste the authentically Chinese Cantonese food, such as roast duck, better than you can imagine. And, of course, combine it with the best Japanese food...

    It has a spectacular terrace with fountains and lush vegetation, in a romantic setting, perfect to enjoy a lovely evening.

    Spectacularly decorated, luxury, in every sense of the word, is the referent. Large rooms, chandeliers, purple and gold details ... is reminiscent of an oriental palace.

    Great service, attentive, diligent and effective and authentic and very tasty food.

    Spend a few hours at Zen Restaurant is synonymous with pleasure, charm, magic and unforgettable moments.



    Here's the Chinese Menu. They also have menus for couples and groups and the Japanese Menu, extensive and complete, with all the classic cuisine of the country.

    Menú Chino/Chinese Menu


    Sopa de aleta de tiburón ….. 10.90
    Shark´s fin soup

    Sopa de Wan Tun ….. 5.90
    Wan Ton Soup

    Sopa agripicante ….. 5.90
    Hot and Sour Soup

    Sopa de máiz con pollo ….. 5.90
    Chicken and sweet corn Soup


    Ensalada Asiático Zen ….. 6.80
    House salad

    Rollitos Zen (2) ….. 3.25
    Spring rolls Zen (2)

    Wan Tun frito ….. 5.60
    Fried Wan Tons

    Entremeses variados para 2 personas ….. 12.50
    Mixed starters for 2 persons

    Gambas fritas con semillas de sésamo ….. 11.95
    Fried prawns with sesame seeds

    Algas fritas ….. 5.60
    Fried crispy seaweed

    Pinchitos de Pollo con salsa de cacahuete ….. 7.90
    Chicken satay with peanut sauce

    Pollo en lechuga con castañas de agua ….. 11.40
    Chicken in lettuce and water chest nuts

    Dim sum

    Ha Kao “ Empañadillas con gambas al Vapor” ….. 5.95
    Steamed prawns dumplings

    Kuo Tie “ Empanadillas con cerdo o ternera a la plancha “ ….. 5.50
    Grilled pork or beef dumplings

    Sieuw Mai “Empanadillas de cerdo o ternera y gambas al vapor ….. 5.95
    Steamed por or beef and prawns dumpling


    Pato laqueado para 2 personas (3 platos) ….. 29.95
    Original Peking lacqued duck for 2 persons (3 courses)

    Pato crujiente ….. 18.90
    Crispy shredded duck

    Pato estilo cantón ….. 17.90
    Cantonese duck

    Los platos de patos se sirven con crepes, salsa pepino y cebolleta
    The Duck are served with pancakes, sauce, cucumber and spring onions 


    Bogavante con salsa a elegir ….. 41.50
    Lobster sauce to choice:

    A- Jengibre y cebolletas / Ginger and Spring onions
    B- Sal y pimienta / Salt and pepper
    C- Judías negras / Black bean sauce

    Buey de mar con salsa a elegir ….. 19.90
    Crab sauce to choice: 

    A- Jengibre y cebolletas / Ginger and Spring onions
    B- Sal y pimienta / Salt and pepper
    C- Judías negras / Black bean sauce

    Langostinos salteados estilo Sichua picante ….. 13.50
    Sauteed Prawns with Sichuan spicy sauce

    Langostinos salteados con salsa agridulce ….. 12.90
    Sauteed Prawns with sweet and sour sauce

    Langostinos estilo Hong Kong ….. 14.50
    Prawns in Hong Kong style

    Langostinos con salsa de curry ….. 12.90
    Prawns with curry sauce

    Langostinos con ajo a la plancha ….. 13.50
    Sizziling prawns with garlic

    Langostinos con sal y pimienta ….. 13.50
    Salt and pepper prawns

    Estofado de langostinos tigre estilo Zen ….. 18.90
    Braised king prawns in Zen style

    Lubina al vapor con jengibre y cebolletas ….. 18.50
    Steamed sea bass with girger and spring onions

    Lubina salteada con sal y pimienta ….. 18.50
    Sea bass with salt and pepper

    Calamares con sal y pimienta ….. 13.50
    Squid with salt and pepper

    Vieiras con salsa Sichuan ….. 15.50
    Scallops with Sichuan spicy sauce


    Solomillo a la plancha estilo cantonés ….. 19.00
    Sizziling fillet steak cantonese style

    Solomillo a la plancha con Judías negras ….. 19.00
    Fillet steak in black bean sauce

    Ternera al Tie – Pan con salsa de pimienta negra ….. 12.20
    Sizziling Beef with black pepper sauce in Tie-Pan

    Ternera salteada con salsa de Judías negras ….. 11.50
    Sauteed beef with black bean sauce

    Ternera crujiente estilo Hong Kong ….. 11.50
    Hong Kong style crispy chilli beef

    Ternera salteada con verduras ….. 11.50
    Beef chop Suei 


    Costillas con sal y pimenta ….. 9.95
    Salt and pepper ribs

    Costillas asadas con salsa Barbacoa ….. 9.95
    Roast spare ribs with barbecue sauce

    Cerdo con salsa agriculce ….. 9.95
    Sweet and sour Pork

    Cerdo asado con salsa de gengibre picante ….. 10.50
    Roast pork with ginger and spicy sauce


    Pollo con salsa de Jengibre y cebolletas ….. 9.90
    Chicken with ginger and spring onions

    Pollo estilo GONG BAO ….. 10.20
    Chicken Gong bao style

    Pollo al curry estilo chino ….. 9.90
    Chicken curry Chinese Style

    Pollo estilo Hong Kong ….. 9.90
    Chicken in Hong Kong style

    Pollo salteado con salsa especial picante ….. 10.20
    Sauteed Chicken with special spicy sauce

    Pollo con salsa de Limón ….. 9.90
    Chicken with lemon sauce

    Pollo agridulce ….. 9.90
    Sweet and Sour Chicken


    Ma-Po tofu con salsa picante ….. 8.20
    Bean curd with Ma-Po Spicy sauce

    PackSoi con champiñones chinos ….. 7.20
    Paksoi with chinese mushrooms

    Verduras variadas ….. 7.90
    Stir fried mixed Vegetables

    Arroz y fideos/Rice and noodles

    Arroz frito estilo Yang Zhou ….. 5.90
    Yang zhou fried rice

    Arroz frito con huevo ….. 4.90
    Egg fried rice

    Arroz blanco ….. 3.00
    Steamed Rice

    Fideos de arroz tres delicias ….. 7.80
    Fried rice noodles with three delicious

    Fideos de arroz estilo Singapur ….. 7.80
    Fried rice noodles Singapure style

    Tallarines especial Chow Mein ….. 7.20
    Special Chow Mein
    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 0-25 €
      • 25-40 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • Romantic
      • Business
      • With friends
    • Tipo de Establecimiento


      • Luxury
      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Charming
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Oriental
      • Japanese

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