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    Zena 2.0

    Paseo Marítimo Rey de España 64 (Edificio Hotel Yaramar), 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    639 reviews


    Average price: 25 €

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday:
    1:00pm to 11:00pm.


    In the restaurant Zena 2.0, in Fuengirola, you will find Italian cuisine prepared with love and care, respecting the traditional recipes without losing sight of the current gastronomic trends.

    Zena 2.0’s dishes are prepared with fresh and natural ingredients without additives or preservatives. You have to try the zena which names the restaurant; that is the traditional homemade bread prepared in the area of Genoa with wheat flour, water, salt, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, and Brewer's yeast. Taste some of fresh salads offered by Zena 2.0. The warm goat cheese salad with apple delights everyone who savours it. But of course you shouldn’t let escape its exquisite homemade pasta. Is there anything better than some good ravioli, an exquisite tagliatella or a pappardelle with cream of black truffle prepared in the traditional Italian style without moving from Costa del Sol?

    You can also choose some delicious risottos, any of the fresh fish from the Mediterranean sea (sea bass with prawns in Genovese style is particularly notable) or its abundant dishes that have meat as the protagonist. The veal scaloppins Parmigiana style and Marsala wine will take you to the glory, as well as the different beef tenderloins courtesy of the house (Maillard, Stroganoff, in green pepper...). Certainly we can’t deny cooking is an art in Zena 2.0!

    To complete the evening, try one of its delicious homemade desserts, some of them of Italian descent such as the delicious panna cotta, and accompany it with a homemade ice cream or a special coffee. For the meal you also have a wide selection of Italian, Spanish and French wines to make perfect your evening.


    MENU (in euros)


    Garlic bread...2,50
    Garlic bread with cheese...3,50
    Fresh soup of the day...6,50
    Parma ham croquetas...7,50
    Prawns piccanti with ginger, tarragon, chilli & fresh tomato sauce...9,50
    Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese & rocket...12,50
    Salmon carpaccio with avocado...12,50
    Fresh tomato carpaccio with Parma ham & basil oil...12,50


    Warm goat cheese salad with apple & balsamic cream...8,50
    Avocado & prawns salad...8,50
    Caesar salad with anchovies sauce & Parmesan cheese slices...8,50
    Caprese salad with tomato, buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil...8,50
    Rocket & Parmesan cheese salad with walnuts & balsamic...8,50


    Spaghetti bolognesa...9,50
    Spaghetti napolitana...6,50
    Spaghetti carbonara...9,50
    Spaghetti with garlic, prawns, tomato & chilli...12,50
    Penne with fresh vegetables...9,50
    Penne arrabbiata with garlic, tomato & chilli...9,50

    Homemade fresh pasta

    Pappardelle with balck truffles cream...11,50
    Tagliatelle with porcini mushroom & beef tenderloin...14,50
    Black tagliatelle with garlic, prawn & chilli...12,50
    Ravioli filled with truffles in Porcini mushroom sauce...12,50
    Ravioli 4 cheeses...10,50
    Ravioli filled with veal in bacon, chilli & tomato sauce...10,50
    Ravioli filled with spinach in fresh tomato & basil sauce...10,50
    Meat lasagne...10,50


    Risotto with Porcini mushroom & white truffles oil...12,50
    Risotto with fresh vegetables...10,50
    Risotto with leek & prawns...12,50


    Sea bass with prawns in Genovese style...17,50
    Cod fish with fresh vegetables...12,50
    Prawns Strogonoff style...12,50


    Veal scaloppine Parmigiana style with Parma ham & gratinated cheese...15,50
    Veal scaloppine with marsala wine & mushrooms...15,50
    Veal liver Veneziana style with onioin & balsamic...16,50
    Veal liver with onion & bacon...16,50
    Chicken breast Milanesa style...10,50
    Chicken breast with porcini mushroom sauce...12,50
    Beef tenderloin Maillard style with onions & balsamic..23,50
    Beef tenderloin with Madagascar green pepper sauce...23,50
    Beef tenderloin with Porcini mushroom sauce...23,50
    Beef tenderloin Strogonoff style...23,50


    Panna cotta with red fruit coulis...5,50
    Crème brulée with fresh vanilla...5,50
    Hot chocolate brownie with Italian artisan ice cream...5,50
    Hot apple pie with Italian artisan ice cream...5,50
    Fresh pineapple...5,50

    Homemade artisan ice cream

    Brasil cup: coffee ice cream with cream...5,50
    Exotic cup... mango ice cream & lemon sorbet with bits of pineapple...5,50
    Classic cup: vanilla, chocolate & hazel nut...5,50
    Cup of your choice: choose your favourite ice creams (3 scoops)...5,50

    Special coffees

    Irish coffee with Jameson...6,00
    Andalusian coffee with brandy...6,00
    French coffee with Cointreau...6,00
    Italian coffee with amaretto...6,00
    Calipso coffee with Tia Maria...6,00
    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 0-25 €
      • 25-40 €
      • 40-60 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • Romantic
      • Business
      • With friends
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
    • Tipo de Comida

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      • Mediterranean
      • Italian food
      • Creative
      • International

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